General FAQs

Talk to us! We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and comments on how we can help and improve our services and products. 


How long will my order take to ship?

We get it, you want your stuff now! Your shipping timing depends on the shipping service you selected in checkout. For free shipping on orders over $75 we use ground shipping, which can take 1 to 8 business days (we ship from New Jersey, so the farther away you are, the longer it will take). We aim to get orders shipped out within 1 business day.


Can I track my order status?

Yes, if you choose to give either your email or phone number for order updates during the checkout process. After you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with a link to view your shipping status. You can return to that page any time after placing your order to view the status of your order.

I’m missing something in my order, or it arrived damaged.

Urgh! We hate when things like this happen and want to make things right! Please use the contact us page to report anything missing or damaged in your order.

Can I customize my kit?

Yes! Please contact us and let us know what you want to customize and we would be happy to help you.

Can I add more colors and tools to my kit?

Yes! Go to the Baking Supplies section to add more goodies to your cart.

Why do you use natural dyes for buttercream, sprinkles and candies but not for the fondant?

Good question! We would love to sell naturally-dyed fondant but for now it’s not on the market. We hope to have a naturally-dyed fondant soon! We have purposely designed our cakes so that the fondant is minimally used for decoration. That way, if you’re really worried about additives you can peel it off before serving.

What’s so wrong with food colors?

As moms we want to feed our kids the best that we can with the knowledge that we have. The FDA doesn’t require listing artificial dyes in ingredient lists, even though many other countries have either banned them or require a warning. It’s hard to fully avoid food dyes, but where it’s possible to avoid we choose to avoid them!

Here is a great resource on artificial dyes.

Can you really achieve bright colors from natural dyes?

Yes - mostly! See our color chart for the colors you can make. We have not found them limiting except for when you want deep shades of red, black, green and blue. To achieve a natural black color we recommend using cocoa powder and a small amount of activated charcoal powder.


Are your cakes free of the top 8 allergens?

No, because our cake mixes are made with wheat flour. If you have a dairy allergy then the mixes can be made with any alternative milk, though. 


Are your cake mixes organic?

Our cake mixes are made with organic non-GMO organic ingredients but we have not yet applied for organic certification because we are a small business and it’s an expensive process! Our natural dyes are non-GMO. Our fondant is not non-GMO or organic - something that we’re planning to change in the near future!


Can I make your cakes vegan?

Yes! Check out our pound cake using our vanilla cake mix. This recipe can be followed to make our mini cakes. Adjust the bake time to match your kit recipe card. 

Virtual Class FAQs

What is your minimum class size?

Our live classes require a minimum purchase of 10 kits.

Do you have vegan options?

Unfortunately our pre-baked cookies and cupcakes are not vegan. However, the remaining items in the kits are either vegan or can be made using dairy-free alternatives to butter, so if vegan participants provide their own baked goods they can still participate.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes. International shipping prices are quoted once an address is provided, and require providing the recipient’s email address and phone number. Please note that delays due to customs or international duties are not the responsibility of Poppikit. 

Can I purchase the kit only?

Yes. Please note, detailed decorating instructions are not included in the kits. Video instructions will be available soon. 

How long are your classes?

Our classes are 1 hour long.

How much lead time do you need for booking a class?

We require a minimum of 2 weeks lead time to avoid incurring increased shipping charges. Class times are subject to availability.

Can I rebook my class after it’s been scheduled?

Yes, bookings can be rescheduled until 24 hours before an event.

Can I cancel the class?

Yes, until 2 weeks prior to the event. After kits have shipped we cannot cancel the event but would be happy to reschedule. 

When do I pay?

Full payment is taken at time of booking to confirm the date and time of class.