Fondant Guide

Some of our cake decorating kits come with fondant - and if you've never worked with it before, don't be scared! Read on, or skip ahead to one of the following:

Top Fondant Tips
Mixing Fondant Colors
How to Roll & Cut Fondant
How to Make a Fondant Rainbow
How to Make Easy Fondant Flowers

Our top fondant tips: think of fondant as edible play-doh, and get ready to have fun. 


Mix colors from your kit to make even more colors - the sky's the limit!


Now that you've got your colors, here's how to roll out the fondant, and cut out fondant shapes:


We've covered the basics, so let's get into some of our favorite techniques for decorating with fondant.

The first, making a fondant rainbow, incorporates some of the skills from the videos above. If you've already mixed fondant colors, skip ahead in the video (and good for you!).


Next on the list: fondant flowers! We'll show you how to form petals - either with or without a fondant cutter.