Fondant decoration technique for fondant fish

Fondant Fish - Easy Instructions & Video

Easy Fondant Fish Cake Decorations

All you need is fondant (preferably in a few colors to make multiple fish!), a round cutter, and a triangle cutter to make these simple and adorable fondant fish decorations, as seen here from our Fun with Fondant! Cake Kit.

For the fish:
1. Roll out fondant. Cut out a circle and a triangle.
2. To make the tail, pinch one pointed end of the triangle and gently push the opposite flat end in towards the center, making fins.
3. Overlap the circle onto the pointed end of the triangle.
4. Repeat in different colors for more fish! (Use small rolls of blue fondant for the bubbles.)

For the seaweed:
1. Make green fondant. Roll out fondant and cut out a triangle.
2. Cut two lines on either side of a pointed end of the triangle, and fan them apart. 

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