Host a Virtual Birthday Party - Cake Decorating Party

It's time to make social distancing birthday parties FUN. Here are some of our ideas on how to throw a virtual birthday party for your kid, using our Poppikit cake kits to have a "Nailed It!"/cake decorating theme!

Fun with Fondant birthday cake kitOriginal mini cake kitParty Box! Birthday cake kit

1. Pick the cake kit you want to make at the party. If fondant is the thing you're most excited about, check out the Fun with Fondant! cake kit, which has 3 different fondant colors and fondant cutters. 

If you want fondant AND different buttercream colors, stick with our Original cake kit, which adds 3 natural food colors for your buttercream.

2. How many kits do you need? This will depend on how many people you are inviting, and how physically close they are to your home.

- Option 1: send each person their own cake kit. Then each kid will receive cake mix, frosting mix, pans, fondant, and tools to bake 4 cakes on their own.
- Option 2: order a large Party Box! cake kit to bake 8 mini cakes yourself, and then deliver those cakes along with decorating supplies to your party guests. You may need to add cutters, and fondant to your order, depending on how many guests you'll have. Contact us and we'll help you customize your order!

3. Send out invitations with your Zoom url, and, if you're sending each guest their own cake kit, include a link to step-by-step instructions to bake the cakes before the party.(

4. Bake the cakes and make the frosting before the party. If you've sent out individual cake kits, make sure your guests finish baking before the get-together.

If you're baking and delivering cakes, bake the cakes and make buttercream the day before the party, and deliver them the morning of, so the party activity focuses on frosting and decorating with fondant. 

Girls decorating birthday cake kits

5. Get together on Zoom to frost and decorate your cakes! Frost your cakes together, and brainstorm fondant decorations. Roll and cut out fondant, share your creations, and enjoy! 

*** If you're hosting a virtual baking party and would like us to create a custom landing page for your guests, containing baking instructions and details for your party (at no cost!), please contact us. ***

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