Cake decorating party with birthday cake kits

Host a Virtual Birthday Party - Cake Decorating Party

Let's make social distancing birthday parties FUN! Throw a virtual birthday party for your kid, using a Poppikit cake kit for a "Nailed It!"/cake decorating theme! Read on for tips on how to set it up.

Bake the cakes


Make the frosting


Decorate the cakes together!

Fun with Fondant birthday cake kitOriginal mini cake kitParty Box! Birthday cake kit

1. First, pick the cake kit you want to make at the party. What baking skill does your kid want to explore? Each kit comes with ingredients and tools to bake 4 mini cakes, and frosting.

 Decorating Theme Kit Details
Fondant Fun with Fondant! cake kit 3 different fondant colors 
Buttercream  Buttercream Skillz cake kit 3 different food colors for buttercream
Fondant + Buttercream The Original cake kit 3 fondant colors + 3 buttercream colors


2. Figure out how many kits you need. Since there are four cakes per kit, one kit per family usually works, as long as they're good at sharing!

3. Send out invitations with your Zoom url. Include a link to step-by-step instructions to bake the cakes before the party -

4. Prepare for the party: bake the cakes and make the frosting before the party. Remind your guests to finish baking before the get-together. The cakes need time to cool before decorating.

Girls decorating birthday cake kits

5. Have your birthday party on Zoom to frost and decorate your cakes! We can join you for a live demonstration - email us for details! Frost your cakes together, and brainstorm fondant decorations. Roll and cut out fondant, share your creations, and enjoy! 

*** If you're hosting a virtual baking party and would like us to create a custom landing page for your guests, with baking instructions and details for your party (at no cost!), please email us. ***

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