Holiday Mini Cake Kit

The Easiest Holiday Cake Designs

Holiday Mini Cakes

The holidays are coming, and we can't wait!  Our mini cake kits are the perfect way to get into the kitchen with your family and friends. Our kits come with everything you need to make bake and decorate the cutest Christmas creations. Perfect for gifting, leaving out for Santa or enjoying with a nice hot cup of tea! 

In our holiday mini kit, you will find primary colored fondant. You can mix the colors together to make all the colors of the rainbow- plus brown! Kids love to do this part but they can have hot hands. If you find the fondant is getting sticky, use a little dusting of cornstarch or confectioners' sugar. 

You don't have to immediately decorate all the cakes, but the frosting may form a crust over time (don't worry, this is supposed to happen!). If this happens, you can use a small dab of water to help stick the fondant pieces to the cakes. 

We always recommend working on a piece of parchment paper to make it easy to move the cakes around (and for easy clean up at the end).

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Christmas Tree Cake

Mini Tree cake

Christmas Tree Cake Step By Step Instructions
Step 1: Mix together a little bit of all the fondant colors to make brown.

Step 2: Make a small ball of brown fondant, then press it into a circle. Cut the circle in half for the tree stump.

Step 3: Use triangle cutter to cut out green triangles (6 for each tree). Layer the triangles and brown semicircle onto the tree, overlapping the triangles slightly. 

Step 4: Roll a small ball of yellow fondant into a log, then cut into equal sized pieces. Roll into balls for lights and stick to triangles, using a small dab of water as glue. 

Step 5: Cut out a yellow star and stick to the top of the tree.


Happy Snowman

Snowman Mini Cake
Snowman Mini Cake Instructions
Step 1: Place a nice dollop of white buttercream on top of the cake for a hat. Make a small round ball of blue fondant for the hat bauble.

Step 2:
Make a nose by mixing together yellow and red fondant to make orange. Roll out the fondant and cut using the triangle cutter. Cut in half again, then use a toothpick or fork tines to gently mark lines on the carrot. Stick to center of cake.

Step 3: Mix together a small amount of each fondant color to make brown. Roll into an even log then cut into even sized pieces to make coal mouth. Roll 2 pieces into rounds, then use your finger to gently flatten for eyes. Place on cake to complete the face. 


Holiday Lights

Tree Light Mini CakeTree Light Instructions

Step 1: Mix together all fondant colors to make brown. Roll long thin ropes of fondant and adhere to the sides and top of cake.

Step 2: Make small balls of all fondant colors to make the lights and stick to the cake. 


Festive Star Wreath

Star Wreath Mini Cake Instructions

Step 1: Use the star cutter to cut out stars and stick to cake, overlapping slightly in a circle pattern. Roll red fondant into small round balls for holly berries. 

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