Swirled Fondant

Swirled Fondant

How to make swirled colors in fondant.

Red fondant and purple fondant put together to make swirls for cake decorationKneading red and purple fondant together to create swirls to use for cake decoration
1. Choose two (or more!) colors, in proportions that you want for your finished product. (For instance, if you want a mostly red finished fondant shape, use more red than any other colors.)

2. Gently knead the colors together, just until they're gently combined but each color is still distinct.

Rolling out swirled fondant to make cut outs for decorating a home made cakeCutting out shapes from swirled fondant that's been rolled out
3. Use a plastic rolling pin to roll out the swirled fondant in an even layer.

4. Use fondant cutters to cut out desired shapes. To reroll and use the fondant, stack the scraps on top of each other and gently knead just until combined, then roll out. Avoid overkneading the fondant, or the swirls may blend together.
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