Mini cake decorated with golf decorations

Golf-Themed Mini Cake

Father's Day is coming up. Don't resort to gift guides or another tie; bake your food-loving father a sweet treat that incorporates his favorite hobby - golf!

1. Start with a light-blue frosted mini cake, made using the Mini Cake Kit. You'll also need a toothpick.

Ingredients and equipment to decorate a golf themed mini cake with fondantRolling green fondant into a golf green to decorate a mini cakePlace the rolled green fondant on top of the cake

2. For the green: roll green fondant into an oval, then push it into angles (so it's not straight up and down). Roll into an even layer and place on top of cake.

Roll red fondant into a thick layer to cut out a golf flagUse the triangle cutter to cut out a red golf flag to decorate the cakePush a toothpick into the triangle to make a red golf flag

3. For the flag: roll red fondant in a thick layer, and use the triangle cutter to cut a flag. Stick a toothpick into the bottom of the larger side, then stick into the cake.

Roll a small blue fondant sphere to make the golf hole.

4. For the hole: roll a small pinch of blue fondant into a ball, then flatten with your finger. Place next to the flag on the cake.

5. For the golf ball: roll yellow fondant into a ball, then place on top of cake.

Roll blue fondant into a skinny log to make the golf club for decorationPinch the edge of the golf club's bottom.Flatten the head of the fondant golf club with a finger

6. For the golf club: roll blue fondant into a long, skinny log. Bend one end at a 90Β° angle, and pinch the protruding corner. Flatten the bend part slightly to create the club. Trim the top if necessary, so it fits on the cake.

7. For the tee decoration: make orange fondant by mixing together a pinch of red and a larger pinch of yellow. Roll into small logs, then roll one end of each log to a tapered point to make a cone. Flatten the side of the opposite end with a finger. Stick onto the sides of the cake.

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