Valentine's Day Cake Decorations, Fondant Decorations

Easy Valentine's Day Cake Decoration

Valentine's Day Mini Cakes with Fondant Decoration

Looking for a cute Valentine's Day idea? Even if you've never made a fondant cake decoration before, this easy step-by-step guide's got you covered! First, start with our Valentine's Day Cake Kit, baking and frosting the cakes per the directions provided.

Ombre Hearts

Fondant hearts ombre mini cake Valentine's Day

Mixing fondant for cake decorationCutting fondant hearts for mini cake fondant decorationFondant hearts for fondant cake decoration

1. Mix red and white fondant:
- For light pink, mix 3 parts white to 1 part red
- For dark pink, mix together equal parts white and red fondant

2. Roll out red fondant, and use a heart cutter to cut out hearts. Repeat with dark pink fondant and light pink fondant.

3. Place a row of light pink hearts around the base of the frosted mini cake. Stagger dark pink hearts halfway up the cake. Top with red hearts along the top edge of the cake.


love fondant, fondant writing love on mini cake

Rolling out pink fondant to decorate cake with fondant heartPushing fondant heart for Valentine's Day decorationCutting out fondant heart for cake decoration

1. Roll out dark pink fondant in a very thick layer. Use heart cutter to cut a heart, then use your finger to gently push heart wider.

2. Use heart cutter to cut out the middle, leaving a heart-shaped border.

Roll out fondant to make fondant decorationMaking fondant letters with red fondantMaking fondant letters with red fondant for Valentine's Day decoration

3. Roll out a long log of fondant, about the same width as the border in your cut out heart. Shape the left side into a cursive "l" and trim. 

4. Shape out the "v" by pinching a corner into remaining fondant string. Pinch the along the bottom to form the bottom of the "v."

love spelled out in fondantValentine's day fondant decoration


5. Pinch top right corner to finish the "v." Loop the end of the fondant log around to form the "e" then cut off the end.


Flower with Rope Border

Fondant flower with fondant rope border

Hearts cut out of fondantMaking fondant heart decorationsLarge fondant heart decoration for Valentine's day cake

1. Cut hearts out of light pink fondant. Use your finger to flatten the rounded portions of the hearts to make flower petals (on both sides).

Fondant hearts arranged to make a fondant flowerFondant hearts layered together to make a fondant flowerUsing fondant to make decorations on a fondant flower

2. Layer six flattened hearts in a wide circle, with the points facing in. Layer 4 hearts on top, filling in the gaps. Repeat with more heart layers, if desired.

3. Roll out a large ball from white fondant, then a lot of smaller balls. Place large ball in the middle of the petals, and use water as glue to stick smaller balls on top to create the center of the flower.

Rolling out fondant to make a rope decorationTwisting rope together to make fondant decoration

4. To make the rope border, roll out two long, thin logs of white and pink fondant. Gently twist together, pinching the ends to seal them.

Heart Arrows

Heart arrows made out of fondant for Valentine's Day cake decoration

Fondant hearts cut out for Valentine's day cake decorationFondant hearts to make heart arrowsFondant accents made for Valentine's Day

1. Roll and cut out hearts from red fondant. Use the same heart cutter to cut out upside-down Vs from half the hearts. Discard the small heart left over (or re-roll into remaining fondant).

Fondant rolled out to make Valentine's Day arrowValentine's Day arrow from fondantFondant arrow

2. On your work surface, place an upside down heart and inverted Vs the same height as the side of your frosted mini cake. (This will serve as a guide for the arrow shaft.)

3. Roll out fondant and cut a strip the same height as the space between the arrow top and bottoms.

4. Cut out vertical pieces from this wide strip, and assemble arrows on the side of your cake.

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