Candy Cake Kit

Candy Cake Decorating

We're showing you how to decorate one of our most popular cake kits, the All-Natural Candy Cake Kit.

Once you've baked your cake and crumb-coated it, follow along with our video below!

1) Cover the crumb-coated cake with colored frosting, spreading it just past the edges on the top, and all along the sides.

2) Use a bench scraper to smooth the sides - hold it parallel to the cake, and gently scrape along the side, turning the cake as you go. Scrape off extra frosting left on the bench scraper, and repeat all the way around the cake.

(If you don't have a cake turn table, put the cake on a large piece of parchment paper, and rotate the parchment as you pull the bench scraper.) 

3. Stick candies onto the cake as desired!

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