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What is a cake kit and why do I need one?

Mini cake kit - what baking tools and cake decorating tools are included.If you're short on time, hosting a party and never decorated a cake before (but think you might want to try), you need a cake kit. For one thing, a cake kit will make the whole process a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. Choose the design, order and a few days later a box arrives at the door with all the tools, pans and dry ingredients you need. Then it’s just a couple of hours to make, bake and decorate before you can sit back and soak up the compliments. It’s a lot more fun than say, cleaning the house, chasing guests to RSVP and finding things to stuff in goodie bags...but that’s just our opinion.

If you’re looking to shake up family game night or for an activity for a rainy day, you should consider a kids cake decorating kit. These kits make mini cakes (not to be confused with cupcakes) and are a great way to not only bond with your kids but also teach them a thing or two about baking. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know anything about baking either! We have lots of ideas for how to decorate your mini cakes- so if it’s a mermaid cake kit you’re after, look no further!

There are a lot of things to think about when planning a kids party or celebration. From choosing a venue, to sending out the invitations, sourcing goodie bags and ordering the food. The list goes on. And let’s face it, all this planning typically falls into the hands of one person...cough cough...that’s you. It might be tempting to say “forget it, i don’t have the time” and drive to Costco to pick up a sheet-cake. But before you throw in the towel and make up excuses for a challenge you haven’t even started, know this. You are capable of greatness and a homemade cake is not only delicious but also an incredible display of love. Plus those $20 sheet cakes are cheap for a reason- you know fillers, processed ingredients and frosting that tastes a little like chemicals and feels super greasy on your tongue. 

A DIY cake decorating kit will not only make you feel accomplished but will also seriously impress your guests and create lasting memories for the person you made it for. Trust us, we’ve spent years making cakes for other people, soaking up the compliments, enjoying the’s time to share the compliments and all the feel-good juju that comes along. Poppikit cakes are stress-free and the easiest way to make a homemade cake. Choose a design (or contact us for a custom design) and we will send you what you need to make, bake and decorate. Talk about brownie points- or should we say cake points?

You might even find yourself liking the process so much that you ditch your expensive yoga class and instead frost cakes for an hour each night. It’s kind of addictive. Also, yoga classes typically don’t end in eating there’s that too.

Of course, you could go out and buy a box of cake mix but we all know those taste artificial and won't fool anyone that it's truly homemade. Our cake mixes  are not only made with organic ingredients but they're also 100% wholegrain (and you know what, that's why they taste incredible). Dump the mix into a large bowl, whisk in a few eggs, oil and milk (or milk alternative) and call yourself Martha Stewart. 

Where can I buy a cake kit?

You’ve come to the right place. Poppikit is the cake kit company that sells the best DIY cake kits that are easy enough for first time bakers but pretty enough that your guests will ask you where you bought it (that’s when you raise your chin and proudly announce that this sweet-a$$ cake is 100% homemade, thank you very much). 

What cake kit should I buy?

So, you’re going to take the plunge and start baking- good for you! We will have your back the whole way with easy to follow instructions, how-to videos with cake decorating inspiration and fondant tips and tricks. How you design the cake is up to you! If this is your first cake kit adventure we recommend buying the deluxe kits. Deluxe kits include helpful cake decorating supplies such as a fondant rolling pin, offset spatula and bench scraper for super smooth frosting. Hold on to these tools (the pans are disposable) and when you come back for another you can buy a basic kit. If you want a cake that’s 100% naturally dyed either choose one without fondant (frosting dyes are all-natural) or you can dye your own fondant.

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My family loves all of the mixes. They are delicious, organic and nut free which is a huge bonus for our family with allergies.
So very thankful for Poppikit.

Caroline Sullivan

If I am old and useless , can I make a PoppyCake ? …. I think I am past it for this .. and by the way we have had a fridge mouse attacking Robbie’s Cake for NicNac.


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