Rocket cake with fondant rocket and fondant star topper

The Cutest Rocket Birthday Party

As two moms, we've thrown or attended more birthday parties than we can count! Some of the best ones were thrown at home with a few easy and cheap DIY projects to set the party tone and entertain the kids too.

We think one of the funnest birthday party themes is SPACE! There are so many directions to go when throwing a space party but we've put together some of our favorites from a party that we actually hosted. 

As with all birthday parties that you host at home, we recommend throwing parties no longer than 2 hours (believe us, this is plenty of time!) It's also easy to get carried away with how many activities to have but we think 2 to 3 activities and just a few party foods is all that's necessary. After all...we all know it's the birthday cake that the kids are most interested in! 

Creating the Party Theme

I personally always think it's fun to encourage kids to wear costumes to themed parties. This cutey is dressed in this astronaut costume from Melissa & Doug. 

We set up a DIY photo booth using a space tablecloth and the rocket was made using a kitchen helper stand that we already had and then using a box for the rocket and tissue paper for the flames. Inside the box we drew a control panel and the kids had a blast counting down to space whilst having their pictures taken!

Little boy in space astronaut costume for rocket birthday party


Kids NASA badge as party favor

As guests arrived we took the kids' photographs using a polaroid camera and then attached them to print-out cards with their names and inserted them into lanyards

Jet Packs

Who wouldn't want a jet pack?! Save up empty plastic bottles (or ask neighbors), fill with cotton wool or batting then strap together with duct tape. Here, we used yellow and orange tissue paper for the flames and ribbon for the straps. A hot glue gun and scissors are the only tools you'll need!

DIY Jet packs


The Activities

A Rocket Box

DIY space rocket box

If you're a mom of young kids, then you've probably already figured out that recycled materials make for the best crafts and toys. We save everything from toilet rolls to large boxes so we always have crafts to play with. 

This rocket was made using a mattress box but any large box will do. Peak the top flaps together and cut the corners off to create a roof shape and cover with foil or just paint then add a door and a window! Seriously, you will have kids asking to take this home with them- seriously, boxes are one of the best toys for kids! We kept ours in the house for a good three months after the party and then handed it down to a friend!

If you don't have a large box to hand, you can buy color-in cardboard rockets and space tents like the ones below. They are a little more expensive but still cheaper than hiring an entertainer and will be fun for days or even months after the party. 


Create a Mission Control Station

DIY mission control

A mission control station can easily be put together using a kids size table covered with foam core or even a box. Kids have great imaginations, so you don't need to go crazy trying to make it realistic. If using a box you could spray paint silver or use aluminum foil then add stickers, buttons and noise machines to the table or box.

Clear out your storage of old electronic items (we asked around on social media) and stick them to your control station using a hot glue gun. We were able to find a keyboard, remote controls and even an old phone. Younger kids will be delighted to smash the keys and phone back to Earth! 

We "blacked-out" the windows using a large roll of black paper and then stuck printed images of stars and planets. 


Rocket Party Decorations


A simple wreath can be thrown together using dryer ducts you can pick up cheaply in your local hardware store and attached with a hot glue gun. Add a few foam star stickers and your guests will know they are headed to space!

The Cake


We of course believe that the cake is the most important part of any birthday party and when it comes to cake, homemade is always best! It's not just about the taste but it's about the experience and creating the happiest of memories for your loved ones. 

For anyone who wants to try baking and decorating a cake for the first time we recommend our cake kit that comes with organic cake and frosting mixes, disposable pans, a cake board and all the tools, fondant and food colorings needed to create your own version of this beauty. If you're already a baker but want to try decorating we recommend our decorators bundle which provides all the decorating tools and instructions. We are always available to answer any questions you have here!

The Favors 

At Poppikit we love the idea of more sustainable party favors but it's also fun to theme the favors too. We love to give books appropriate for the kids age and Usborne Books has some great themed books at under $5 each. 

For the actual bags we bought blue craft paper bags and splattered them with white paint to create stars. 

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