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2019 Eco-Conscious Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Finding environmentally-conscious stocking stuffers can be challenging. It's generally easier and cheaper to buy little bits of plastic at the checkout line. And whilst nothing is truly sustainable- these ideas are greener without costing a fortune or driving you crazy with trying to find out how truly eco-friendly the item actually is. Scroll down to the bottom for links to companies that we love for their commitment to sustainability. 

As two moms, who care about the planet that our children will be left with, we wanted to share our ideas for stocking stuffers that won't head straight for the landfill. They are gifts that are made from more sustainable materials, or materials that won't take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Some are made right here in the USA. Please note: some of these gifts will still sadly arrive in plastic. 

At the bottom of the page we shared a couple of DIY ideas that will give your children a huge amount of joy- mostly because they are edible! And there are always our big hit- Cookie Pop Kits, which come in the cutest little gift bag and make a simple and totally delicious baking project. Our post on eco-friendly party favor ideas is also a great place to visit!


Charades for Kids Games

Charades for Kids $5.97

No Christmas is complete without a game of Charades in my house. This simpler kids version is huge fun. There is a board game version that is 3x the price and comes with a dice and hourglass timer- which isn't really necessary!

I Can Draw book

I Can Draw $5.19

Kids love art and this I Can Draw book teaches a step-by-step technique using simple shapes that will have you and your kids drawing all sorts of animals. I love that the repetition of the shapes makes it easy to remember.


Q-bitz $9.95

This fun and fast paced game is a great solo game but can also be bought as a team game. It comes in a great storage tin which won't break apart after constant use (read: all our card games are kept together with rubber bands). 

Magic Cabin Fairies

Magic Cabin Fairies $19.98 

These tiny little dolls are 2 1/2-inches tall and make a great gift for fairy-loving girls and boys. They are made of felt and are designed to inspire creativity. Encourage your kids to build fairy houses out of nature like this great trail near my home!


Grateful Together Book

Grateful Together $10.69

If like me, you have a child who could perhaps do with being more appreciative of what they have, practicing gratitude is a great way to start. Bonus- Brene Brown says children who practice gratitude are more likely to live fulfilling lives and bounce back when the going gets tough. This book guides kids through a journal practice, prompting them to write down their feelings on certain subjects.  

Yum Earth Dye-Free Candy Cane Pops

Yum Earth Dye-Free Candy Cane Pops $14.89

Candy with a conscious is what the YumEarth brand is all about. We love that they are artificial-dye free and almost all of their products are free of the top 8 allergens!  

Mad Libs Junior

Mad Libs Junior $3.99

Who doesn't remember folding over in hysterics doing Mad Libs at school? Well, they are back and they have all sorts of levels and subjects- I bought my son a pokemon version! The are also super affordable!

Setting Sun Wooden Stem Puzzle Game

Setting Sun: Stem Game $13.99

This wooden stem game is 4 x 3 x 1-inches and will fit into any stocking. It's made with sustainable fairtrade wood and comes with a lifetime guarantee. They rate the game difficult so this would be good for kids who like a challenge! 

Recycled Paper Beads Kit

Recycled Paper Bead Kit $11.47

 Great for kids 5 and up, this kit re-uses scraps of paper and fits almost any plastic bottle to turn paper scraps into colorful beads. Fun for kids and parents!

Grow your own mushroom kit

Grow your Own Mushroom Farm $18.67

Even if your child doesn't eat mushrooms, growing them is a huge amount of fun!  

Snowman Bath Bomb

Snowman Bath Bomb $9.99

Non-toxic bath fun couldn't be more fun. A seasonal bath bomb will have your kids excited to jump in the bath- and when does that ever happen?!

Preserve toothbrushes

Preserve Toothbrushes 6 for $10.99

Preserve is a certified B-corp company who makes their products out of recyclable number 5 yogurt containers! Return 6 toothbrushes to Preserve to recycle again and they will give you $6 in credit!

Made in the USA Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters $8.99

You know us bakers couldn't throw together a list without suggesting some fun cookie cutters! We also sell a few cookie cutters, which you can use with your own cookie dough recipe to roll, cut and bake. Watch this space for a cookie kit coming your way soon! Ann Clarke's cookie cutters are made in the USA, take care of them (by hand washing, drying immediately and carefully storing) and they will last a lifetime. 

To the Moon and Back Decorators Bundle $20

Did you know you can now buy just the decorating tools for our To the Moon and Back Cake? Make your own cake and frosting then use our dyes, fondant, cutters and cake topper wire to finish the look. Great for new bakers or those who can't get enough of Nailed it on Netflix!

Sf Sustainable lip balm

 SfSustainable Lip balm $5.49

I love these lip balms and even more so because they come in a 100% compostable container. They are vegan, only contain 5 all natural ingredients- and they work!

Ella and me non toxic nail polish

Ella and me nail polish $7.61

Made in the USA, vegan and free of the 7 nasties: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor. They have lots of fun colors too!


Chocolate snowman

Snowmen Chocolate Bars

For the creatives among us, making a few festive treats is fun and not a chore! These snowmen are made from chocolate bars- wrapped in white paper and decorated with pens, ribbon, felt balls and pipe cleaners.

s'mores kit

DIY S'mores Kits

Tell us a kid who doesn't like S'mores?! They will love their own S'mores kits that you can put together in a breeze!


Brands to check out for more ideas

These are all brands we use and love.

Green toys, The cutest toys made from recycled milk jugs in the USA. Made well, made to last., we love that they bread down the sustainability features of each product, Socks and accessories all made in the USA using recycled cotton yarn, saving discarded clothes from going to the landfill. Their colors and patterns are super fun and unique! 

Pelacase, If the people in your life are old enough to have phones then they will also need a case. Pelacases are 100% compostable. They are a proud member of 1% for the planet and each case gives back to a different environmental cause. 

Klean Kanteen, for stainless steel water bottles and storage containers. Certified B-Corp and member of 1% for the Planet

Alter Eco, delicious farily traded chocolates, plastic free packaging and a certified B-corp. 

Plaine products, Order your toiletries and then send back the reusable stainless steel bottles for refilling. Plaine Products is also a certified B-Corp company and member of 1% for the Planet. 

Bite toothpaste bits, Over one billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away each year. Bite plans to end that with their toothpaste bits. They come in a cute glass jar and then send refills in compostable bags. I've been using these for three months and love them!

Welly Bottle, Made from stainless steel and sustainable bamboo- I love the sleek and elegant design of my welly Traveler bottle that comes with a mesh basket so you can use tea leaves. They donate 3% of their profits to helping people get clean water. 

by Humankind, Direct to consumer personal care products from a carbon neutral company. Their natural deodorant comes in a refillable container and it works great!

Patagonia, A company that puts its money where its mouth is. Patagonia makes high quality clothes and accessories that are made to last. They also care about their employees and are members of 1% for the planet. 

Poshmark, The best way to avoid fast fashion pollution is to buy second hand. buy and sell used clothes and home goods. You can even sell your own stuff and use the credits. 


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